NSW Golf Club is about to launch into a major greens renovation programme and Golf Shapes have been contracted to carry out the necessary works.


New South Wales Golf Club under the stewardship of Course Superintendent, Gary Dempsey, is committed in providing its members the very best surfaces, the world ranking demands it.  Past harsh summers have concluded that all greens will be restored to 100% bent and the growing medium will be renovated to exacting measures to ensure this investment.


Golf Shapes with NSWGC have had a very long and successful working relationship, and after achieving great results at Terrey Hills Golf & Country Club last year with their greens restoration project, Golf Shapes will be very keen and excited to be back working at the NSWGC.  To the point that work has already been performed on the iconic 6th green.  The green was used as a test case to iron out any potential issues.


NSW Golf Club 6th Green

NSW Golf Club 6th Green


Gary and DarbyGary and DarbyThe job description is as follows:

  1. The total rejuvenation of the growing medium.
  2. The complete removal of thatch layer.
  3. The turning over of the existing growing medium with a small excavator.
  4. Repeated rotary hoeing and shaping to aerate and then consolidate the growing medium, at the same time incorporating a fresh 100mm layer of organically enriched growing medium.


The above procedures were very detailed in the sense that pre existing shapes and levels had to be maintained, as was the case with the Terrey Hills project.


Terrey Hills 18th Green


“Terrey Hills 18th” Green


Grassing of the 6th green was carried out by using sod (McKenzie) taken from the onsite turf nursery. It’s important to note here that for the grassing to take place a final inspection by Gary and the committee would be carried out to ensure a level of quality control was adhered to.


The reasons for using sod and not seed is simple, WIND.


The 6th green is one of the most photographed golf holes in golf advertising in Australia.  It is perched on a rocky, windswept ledge with only the Pacific Ocean between the tee shot and the green. The wind can make the challenge of the shot all the more exciting.

Who needs excitement when trying to establish recently sown greens in howling winds?


With this in mind, Golf Shapes is currently constructing a 3,500m2 “McKenzie” bent grass nursery. The sod from this nursery will be used on the more exposed greens such as the 5th, 13th, 14th, and 17th, with the others being hydro mulched using the “McKenzie” seed.


NSW Golf Club Nursery Construction

NSW Golf Club Nursery Construction


Scheduling of the main restoration works is to take place in August. Stay posted for future updates, if you need any more information regarding this topic or any other on our web site, please contact us.